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There are days where I’ve wanted to run.

Some days I can’t even breathe.

There’s so much on my plate. Kids, bills, work, cleaning at home, then ALL those little things.

The kids exhaust me. At times I feel like they do it on purpose.

Mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom.

Does it end? Truth is I don’t want it too. They are growing up too fucking quick. But at the same time, will it stop?

Then I get to my point where I say something and walk away.

As I walk, I instantly think: ” Fuck I’m a bad mother, I didn’t mean it I just need time to breathe.”

Omg what if I damaged them because they have a damaged mommy.

Sometimes when I can’t breathe I think of the “what could’ve been.”

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a damn good mom, but I am only human.

And I know you parents out there think like this sometimes. I can’t be the only one.

But when I come home from work, I say the I love you’s and the I missed you’s, but I just need to take one second.

One second for myself.

It’s not wrong to ask for that sometimes. If that’s what I need to do for MYSELF to be a good mom then I shall.

Like I’ve said, I feel like I need to run, but that wouldn’t benefit anyone. My family is my world…my life.

So instead we are all going to run.

Destin, Florida, we are coming soon.

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I’m a mess, a loving, caring, working, try to put my makeup on everyday, always smiling or to exhausted to function, mess. But it’s okay I wouldn’t change it for the world. Follow my journey, you and I will figure things out together!

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  1. Everytime I see my mom exhausted of all the household chores I’m giving her enough time to at least rest. everybody needs that regardless of your responsibilities. Salute to all moms out there. you’re all amazing in your own ways.

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    • That’s so sweet of you! My daughters are at the age where they are basically stepping on your toes and following you all around the house. So yes I do get exhausted. But kudos to you for giving your mom a break when she needs it 💕

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      • and i am sure that you will miss what they are doing now when they get older. 🙂

        my mama keep on telling us a story what we used to do when we were still young. whenever she leave the house even just for a sec gosh guess what hahahaha.

        those memories are so precious.


  2. I understand and admit that I feel this way all the time. I know that I am a good mom but I am my own harshest judge. And I am very guilty of not talking the much needed me time and then cracking under the accumulated pressure.

    Hang in there and breathe.

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    • Yes I’m my own harshest judge as well. Sometimes when you need a break you can’t get one without feeling bad. But yes you hand in there as well and breathe 💕

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  3. There’s nothing wrong in feeling this way.. N don’t worry .. you are not a bad mom❤️ Being a mom is not an easy job and bravo to all those we are handling this with all their strength.. and you are one of them.. I am sure your kids would be proud to have you as a mom❤️

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    • Thank you! I decided to write about it because I would always hide the fact of feeling that way. But I’m only human so why not face it ya know?



      • Yes. It’s natural to feel this way. And I am sure you are not the only one thinking this way. There would be hundreds of moms going through the same. ❤️


  4. No such thing as a perfect mom. We all love, parent, spouse, live out of our brokenness, and if we are so blessed, trust in God to redeem the situations when we mess up. I blinked and my boys are now seniors. It was the spontaneous moments when we all got real that forged us together as a family…..Guilt helps nobody. Have fun in Destin.

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  5. Mommy is always allowed a “time out” – and it sets a tremendous example. I hope your trip is amazing!



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