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Staying Afloat


I found god along time ago, but that story is for another time.

I don’t right these blogs just to talk or get sympathy. I write them to inspire. I’ve been through a lot in my life time.

I don’t make excuses for why I am the way I am.

It’s not just because of my mom and dad.

Or the shitty things I went through.

In the back of my mind I always knew who I was, even when I was lost.

I still get lost.

I belittle myself. I’ve let people talk down on me. The truth is I need to be more significant.

For awhile I was feeling like I didn’t have a body. This is hard to explain, but I will try.

I would wake up in the morning to get my daughter ready for school and I literally just felt like I was a head on a body.

Like I didn’t recognize that I had hands. Arms. Feet. Legs. Stomach. Etc.

I was numb. I still have my days but not as current as before.

Like I said it sounds weird, but it felt like I was just floating through life.

But why float when I can be known.

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I’m a mess, a loving, caring, working, try to put my makeup on everyday, always smiling or to exhausted to function, mess. But it’s okay I wouldn’t change it for the world. Follow my journey, you and I will figure things out together!

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  1. gosh! touched.
    great work! i’ll be on toes for your work!
    i hope you like my musings , i believe we might conclude with a similar perspective.



  2. You know what this made me realize, that we aren’t the sums of our past. We can choose to take or leave whatever we want. You’ve proven that. I don’t want to float, I want to live and you have inspired me to do just that. Thank you.



  3. “In the back of my mind I always knew who I was, even when I was lost.” What of the greatest lines I’ve read in awhile. I think many times we are scared to be that person… many reasons (your other posts talk about how that, how life can push that person away) for that.

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